Image by Markus Spiske


the madrigal, volume iii

A cardamom bun

by hannah ingeborg

       is a cure for a heavy heart,
he said as he pulled out the familiar paper bag

one bite and the spice and the sweet

                all that heartache

seeps out stickily between her teeth


                [lick it off your fingers]

pressing her lips together she can still taste it

the remnants of what

               could’ve been

                      should’ve been

properly savoured

she lingered too long and the dough congeals

the orange glaze

                               glues her words to the roof of her mouth

she pushes her tongue against her teeth instead to

                dislodge a stubborn black seed

swallows the lump that has grown in her throat

                washes it down with long-since-gone-cold coffee


before she twists her sticky lips in his direction and grins –

                thank you. that did the trick.

Hannah Ingeborg is an Irish/Danish writer, you can find her on twitter @hannah_ingeborg. After her languages degree saw her spend her days in the library mostly nose-deep in French poetry, she decided to try to write some of her own. Nowadays, she spends her time grappling with the question ‘where is home?’ and hoping one day she’ll wake up and realise she’s there.