Image by Daiga Ellaby


the madrigal, volume iii

When I sneezed into your yawning mouth

by trewlaney

That face
                  a mix of shock and revulsion

                                                  of offence, begging why

A passer-by
                  taken by the weight of the day

                                                  who opened wide before
                                                                  they could raise their hand

And in that moment
                  taken by the same surprise

                                                  I cast a silver net

an outburst of ideas
                  a gust of crime

                                                  an interruption of unintended genius

And maybe just a fleck

                                                  of admiration in your eye

Trelawney is a food campaigner, environmentalist and new poet living in London, drawing on a past spent as an archaeologist, musician and Cornishman. Trelawney has been published, or has work forthcoming, in 192 and Amethyst Review. Twitter: @BenTrelawney