Image by Sigmund


the madrigal, volume iii

escapist cottagecore daydream

by charlie d'aniello

picture-perfect dusks
a sun-baked boardwalk & moss-kissed planks sweetwater cool around your ankles
silver sand between your toes
golden blueberry pies
latticed tops & purple-pink drips
cotton-candy clouds pouring skywards
over wind-blown emerald fields,
blades like lemongrass tongues
you disturb the windchimes by your door next to

the mailbox-turned-birdhouse-slash-sanctuary

the earth claims your pulse &
your mouth reaps the peace you’ve sowed.

Charlie D’Aniello (they/he) is a Latinx, queer/trans, neurodivergent author & literature nerd. Their work is published or forthcoming in HOLYFLEA!, Querencia, Tealight Press, Poetically Magazine, Wrongdoing Magazine & others. They are founder of warning lines magazine & author of The One and the Other. (Twitter: @beelzebadger).