Image by Christina Deravedisian


the madrigal, volume iii

In This Sleep, I Slip

by silas mojeed

And I had another dream
This time, it was an unusual dream
But still a dream inside a dream of another dream

In this dream that I was dreaming
Here, I saw the regalia of the ara-orun
Identity concealed, with an obvious mask
Behind me were drummers of the spirit
-Onibata, alagogo, onisekere, andatokun-
All behind me chanting, humming
And murmuring songs of praise-poetry like
Like the ballads, the serenity of the lyrics
were overwhelming and electrifying
My memories are romantically dancing with me

Many questions dawn upon me
These memories have quietly become my enemy

In another scene, the ara-orun
Now dances to the unrhythmic melodies

of the yelling un-choreographed crowd

The song, unclear; the rhythm, untimely.

But my dances are well choreographed

patterned and pattered

In this dream,
I couldn’t wait to the end
The end of the festive feasting of my memories

In haste
I was returned- out of my dream

to console me

Silas Mojeed is Technical Theatre Practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria. He uses poetry as a means of expressing his inner feelings, he finds comfort in crafting words that balance his quest for satisfaction. Though he is an unpublished poet, he hopes to climb that ladder so his voice can be heard.