Image by Annie Spratt


the madrigal, volume iii

A Bookcase Too Far

by lawrence moore

'Not another bookcase!'
cried a puffed and panting man

as the boss looked on impatiently

and revved a heaving van.

'Not just any other bookcase,'

was my innocent reply,
'this one's bursting at the seams,

it wriggles and it writhes.

'Held at such an angle,
it would drown you without fail,

for there goes Captain Ahab

and he's looking for his whale.

'Tread lightly if you wish to stay

within this mortal plane-

Dracula is sleeping light
and Pennywise the same.

'It's no good speeding up like that-

you're only giving sport
to the dragon from the mountain

who could toast you with a snort.’

He broke into a canter
as I chased him down the track

screaming 'What about your wages?'

but he never did come back.

Lawrence Moore has been writing poems - some silly, some serious - since childhood. He lives in Portsmouth, England with his husband Matt and nine mostly well behaved cats. He has poetry published at, among others, Dreich, Pink Plastic House, Fevers of the Mind, Quince Magazine and The Madrigal. @LawrenceMooreUK