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Image by Mae Mu


the madrigal, volume ii

Why I Am Here

by úna nolan

Ah but I love love!


My friends, you carry me with you in your ways of speech- the little turns of phrase I spin and weave and lie carefully in your outstretched palms

The jumpers that you forget, curled in the corners of my couch, now folded neatly in my cupboard and ever forget to return

The cookie recipe you showed me, that I must freeze the dough to get the proper taste, the melting chocolate and sweet, crumbliness of it all

I hear your voices in it.


I am filled with the resting of heads on shoulders when tiredness strikes her hands on the clock,

Eyes half-shut as familiar movies play in the shrouding of whispered laughs,

they carry such a tender past and an ever lightened soul-

To see us know each other so deeply, so truly


The crawling nights of drinks we have poured, tumbling from silver glasses and stirring our feet to wildness and dance

Our arms to circle necks at foreheads cautious touch

And our voices to stretch to the moon in shared singing of songs gone past (and when melancholy stretches her thinning embrace- you send her off with a knowing narrowed of eyes

and guiding hands-

‘Ah now child, sleep it off’)


Love, she carries us all through each day, sees each roaring sunrise and crashing wave that we survive

We would not be without it-

And yes, yes, I love it all, I love you all

This- this is the beating of my heart !

Úna Nolan is a 20 year old writer from Dublin, Ireland. She spends her free time watching too much Netflix, stress cleaning and tending to her worryingly large collection of plants. She enjoys writing so much sometimes she forgets to be embarrassed of it, and hopes you enjoy her work. 

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