Image by Jaunathan Gagnon


the madrigal, volume iii

I taught the toad about evolution, perhaps

by rick hollon

the toad offered me her umbrella

and I repaid her, I thought
by thumbing through Wikipedia

and educating her on the

distinctions of Bufonidae

a firebelly erudtion, then
an enlightenment of spadefoots

screenshot an annotated diagram

of cladistic scaffolding—her own

IKEA catalog of adaptations

but the rain passed, and left
jewels with us on the moss
the toad folded away her umbrella

and only the creek asked for more

Rick Hollon (they/them or fey/fem) is a nonbinary, intersex, bi/queer author, editor, and parent from the American Midwest. Feir work has appeared or is forthcoming in perhappened, Whale Road Review, Pareidolia Literary, Pastel Pastoral, and other small-press publications. Find them on Twitter at SailorTheia.