Image by John Price


the madrigal, volume iii

halfway between the aspen grove and love i find truth

by makenna dykstra

which is to say i’ve never

been in love before, but that’s

not to say i’ve never loved.

it takes a certain sort of soul

to settle into empty walls

and create solace from stillness

and i’m not convinced i have
the mettle to drop my yellowing

leaves on this mud-stained carpet.

most days, i think just after

breaching, the doctors dipped

my heaving infant body

in honey and left me to dry

in the desert sun until sinew

dissolved into bleached bone.

after a week, they came back
to find me miles away
sitting among the trees i planted

there moments prior. in lieu
of water, i got drunk on time ––
a flimsy pretense for permanence.

which is to say i’ve never

lied before, but that’s
not to say i’ve never spoken.

Makenna Dykstra (she/her) is currently a graduate student pursuing an MA in English Literature at Tulane University in New Orleans. She can often be found on Twitter @makdykstra or in the local parks, writing, reading, or admiring the oak trees.