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the madrigal, volume iii

the whims of the weary

by luke hayden

“I’m weary of your wily words”
the old king spat.
“I ought to have you fed to birds
or banished, like a rat.”

The jester smiled, and hopped in place
from foot to foot with ease.
“A mighty cruel decree, your grace -
a defence, if you’d please?”

Before the thun’drous rage could roar
and rear its ugly head
the bard had skipped up to the fore
(on mossy ground he tread).

And so then came a wondrous song
from the lyre and lips of Mirth
to cow the heart too cold and strong
and prove once more the comic’s worth

At last the song did end, of course, and the court grew deathly still
To ‘wait the old man’s wroth again, and affirm the jester’s skill.

Luke is a 19 year old history student living in Dublin. Having been introduced to poetry in the unfortunate setting of second-level education, he came to discover a love of it during college, and began writing not much later. Some of his favourite poets include Sylvia Plath, Christina Rossetti, and Laura Gilpin.