Image by Conscious Design


the madrigal, volume iii

First Light

by alexandra gipson

Traces of sleep float away
                The haze of an early June morning

Altocumulus clouds dyed coral, blush, pearl

                sail, braided, across the honest blue sky

A fisherman casts his line,
               secures a catch, reels in gold

Rays shatter the horizon, plunge
               beneath blue tide, scatter diamonds

                              across the surface

Powdery, passive grains transition

               to cool, thicker sand

No sound, not even the songs of birds,
                            but the calm ebb of water

               Waves lap, relaxed, against
                            the bank until I storm in,

Raw cold shocks my bare skin

              My feet induce ripples,

                            my body creates waves

              and chaos in a frenzy

to collect the diamonds

              that sink


Alexandra (Ali) Gipson is a writer from & living in Pittsburgh, PA, who holds a BA in English from Seton Hill University. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Sampsonia Way, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Parhelion Literary Magazine, among others. She is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, works as a legal writer at an immigration law firm, enjoys reading, alternative and rock music, and Penguins hockey, and is on Twitter at @aligips.