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letter from the editors

With the years end comes again it is all but impossible to avoid seasonal introspection. The tallying of times passage and taking stock of all which makes the heart soar and sink. With that, it is important to put aside a moment for ritual and recollection, and in this we thought the only answer was to honour those we love.


The idea for ‘Ensemble’ is one which came to us as if in a dream, bursting forth from two cappuccino-hazy heads like some sort of wild-worded Minerva, ready to tell us the secret histories of strangers, friends, and lovers. At its core, ‘Ensemble’ is an ode to connection, and within these pages that is what you will find –– odes to love in all its many forms, in pain, in grief, and in celebration. Above all, however, this issue is dedicated to people, and I think it's safe to say it certainly does not disappoint.


So come dive into these pages, and read about the unknown –– discover long-lost friends and parents, baby brothers and old lovers. Read about Gerald and Adriana, Teddy and Enid, those dedicated to ones who have passed and those dedicated to little ones just born. Celebrate these complex and difficult times with us as we close another year of our lives, neatly bound up together in this little journal, friends and strangers here alike. It hasn’t been an easy journey by any means, but I think it is made better by all of you, and the trust with which you so bravely and kindly place in us to share these words with the world. Congratulations, dear ones, on a job well done, and on many more victories to come. 

table of contents

''hanna' by daniel fuller

'christy moore' by nathanael o'reilly

'gerald and adriana' by damien posterino​

'patricia shelley' by helen openshaw

'galya' by vera zakharov

'stacey lithgow' by peter burrows

'frances' by mary o'connell

'for joan' by jennifer redmond

'caoimhín' by jenny byrne

'for stan' by bernard pearson

'weldon kees' by conor kelly​

'emily' by lois hambleton

'pham doan trang' by Khải Đơn

'trey' by thomas nuhfer​

'genevieve' by frances boyle

'kathryn' by taylor hamann los

'baby brother & i'  by clem flowers

'oliver' by eliza davis

'to my former self' by ross thompson

'pauline' by rachael pennington

'enid' by jen feroze

'teddy' by eliza davis

'george' by gale aitken

'elizabeth laverick' by d.w. evans

'heirs of atreus'  by s.t. brant

'jamie, mike, and dad' by james diaz

'blue grandad' by niall m. oliver

'judah' by matthew miller

'arachne' by sinéad mooney

'tomas' by helen jenks

'helen' by tomás clancy

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