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the editorial

dearest friends,

another year, another editorial, another thematic choice that is quite difficult to convey! once again, I find myself pondering how to write to you all at the onset of our seventh publication, an issue that has been truly exceptional to work on. metamorphosis can be defined as “a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.” it is, inherently, all-encompassing –– change by internal or external means, by nature or by the unnatural, of the body, mind, or soul. it is indicative of any kind of transformation that one, or one’s environment, may undergo, and, more importantly, the evidence of one’s response to it. a metamorphosis, therefore, is the demonstration of triumph, and the celebration of overcoming. 


this collection of poetry touches on all of these things –– there is work that considers physical change, mental change, and change of belief; work that transforms myth, language, and the natural world; and work that acts as a renewal, a rebirth, a requiem of emotion, experience, and evocation. it is with great pleasure and no small amount of pride that I bring these things to you to read and enjoy, peruse and soak. ‘metamorphosis’, to me, is close to my chest, and indicative of all that I strive to do here at our press: to change, as always, for the better, and continue to put poetry into the world that is not just emotive, sincere, and familiar, but beautifully and gloriously triumphant.

love, as always,


editor of the madrigal

table of contents

aging in place by paula reed nancarrow
insect order by rebecca ferrier
second sight by bernard pearson
lucid by jason lee
terra mater by catherine cullen
when bad nights unfurl to form a crosswalk into a day… by hassan a. usman
barnacle by bex hainsworth
what the king’s son knows of royalty by ian c. williams
tree grafting notes by ag
arachne’s guide to offending a goddess by thea hatton
fox by philip miller
diagnosis in oblique by kristiana reed
i ask my co-worker what kind of animal i would be… by clara bush vadala
in a strawberry field, you looked like someone I never knew by malo gledhill
miles from october, there is heat by maggie fulmer
when i became kraken by siobhan kilsby
daphne, always running by adeline loh
narcissus retold by aoibh anna
sonnet i by karla hirsch
to adonis by ernest kearney
breakwater by rachel jeffcoat
III. II. I by lucy holmes
commute by martin kennedy yates
diana and actaeon by thea hatton
down by hana wilde
genesis 2:31 by stephanie holden
matroyska/four ages by claire burnett
the language of leaves by denise o'hagan
window on pamet marsh by deidri reddington
maslow’s pyramid by richard devereux
metamorphosis by zainab abubakar
clearing by aoife-marie buckley
tiny golden ovals massed wet and gleaming by sue chenette
i grow tired of drowning, for i am not a witch by helen jenks

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