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letter from the editors

we would be entirely remiss to begin this note without mentioning something of exceptional importance –– The Madrigal has officially turned one year old! and while we celebrated in typical Helen and Tomás fashion –– holding our dear friends hostage and talking loudly at them –– we still are so very in awe to be here with you all, celebrating the honour of a lifetime.

when this journal began nearly this time last year, we never expected to make it this far, to be as joyful and entrenched within such a beautiful community of writers, artists, and poets. it has been an honour to continue to do this work, and, as always, it would be impossible without you all there, encouraging us every step of the way. Roots, Whimsy, Ensemble, and Verity are incredible collections of vulnerable, emotive, silly, and honest writing, in which every word and feeling is presented with raw, seeking clarity, emboldening the soul. in carrying on that tradition, we thought what else could celebrate this milestone of artistry and contribution other than history itself?

poësis is a funny one –– it can mean many things, and is (perhaps) why we received so many electronically messaged laments about our theme. it is, after all, where the word ‘poetry’ comes from, and quite literally implies the making of something. and in our reading and consideration for this issue, I think that is where we ended up, that this, here, is creation, in everything we do and everything we strive for. we cannot begin to tell you how much this little corner we’ve created in the past year matters to us, and how joyful and mind-boggling it is to continuously make this space for you all, who surprise and amaze us every single day. it is in this way, therefore, that this issue has come together –– it is the culmination of not just what we’ve done, but what we all continue to do, an ode to ourselves and the work we pride ourselves in, that tapestry of joy we never cease weaving. Happy Birthday to us, and here’s to many more!

table of contents


'nectar' by robbie gamble

'seeking a friend for the end of the world' by will moran

'driftwood bones' by mary senier

'the dirt road' by naomi dean

'i should plant more lavender' by meg freer

'the halfway things' by daniel fuller

'mammuthus' by mary kate nyland

'analysand' by r. smithrandal

'skywalk' by mairéad o'sullivan

'after portia' by hannah siden

'you are linoleum' by liam maguire

'untitled' by martin mckenna

'fish tank' by natasha bredle

'aphasia in the 20th century' by robert mccarthy

'voyager 1, september 5th 1977' by luke hayden

'caretta caretta' by amy bacon

'only child' by michael lyle

'spider orchids' by fiona cartwright

'nestled together' by bernadette gibson

'strata' by daniel rabuzzi

'as the deer/so this poem' by spencer folkins

'friday of the long weekend' by bern butler

'instructions on loss (riverview road)' by joseph boyle

'pharos' by michael pittard

'a hard work miracle' by darragh byrne

'riverbed aubade' by ieva dapkevicius

'the water wears my mask' by camila hernández

'pillar of heaven//knotted horror as beauty//EDDIE COCHRAN LIVES!' by clem flowers

'emergence' by eoin macnally

'for lyte lowys my sone - a tretys of the astrelabie' by j. freeborn

'penelope' by valeria venditti

'inner city visitation' by lois hambleton

'for every trans person it took 20 to find home' by thea hatton

'writing to your mother' by paul stephenson

'ráithín an chloig, bré' by david butler

'epitaphs' by eliza davis

'call me aphrodite' by emma connolly

'blessings' by linda mckenna

'surplus' by daniel fuller

'the allegorist' by a. valliard

'a topia' by cheryl vail

'among the unnamed' by john davis

'the second to last teddy bears' picnic of the summer by basil aurelian

'caput'  by tomás clancy

'boris the bear, and other trials of love' by helen jenks

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