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letter from the editors

Dearest friends,


To all those who cast their eyes over this offering and take the time to practice a fine art; that great practice of thumbing gently through a book, we the editors would ask you to take good care of what you hold. In compiling this anthology of work, we have been delighted to offer home to the work of a great many authors, friends old and new, but more importantly to attempt to learn what home means to them in a more vivid sense. This anthology is an epitome to us of life in practice and life in passion the likes of which we choose to express in our daily community as ‘Local.’


In this study of locality, being Átiúil, we wished to span the length and breadth of refuge, to peer into hearts as if they were front rooms and find families wrapped in the warmth of tender embrace. We are so happy to share with you these works of place, prose and poem, in hopes they may bring you peace or pleasure. Carry on in your strides the memory of the warmth you leave in the world in search of the beacons of family anew as we can only do in time to come.  


Home takes a great many shapes, from the shadow cast in a hallway at a long journey’s end or the smothering embrace of the one we love. It has been a life’s pleasure to peruse these works submitted and selected for this project and feel at its core the work of a community is in fruition deeply, truly. Thank you for supporting art, for caring about your home and caring about one another above all else. 



As ever: Be well and Be safe

Helen, Tomas, Una and Jack

The Editors xxx

table of contents

'coasting' by alan pepin

'one hundred and seventy years' by s.c. flynn

'devil may care' by chaelio thomas

'dublin, baby!' by megan o'driscoll

'bog' by ted naughton

'a beach in january' by d.s. maolalai

'windswept grief' by claire loader

'i am a ruin' by cian nolan

'motherland' by peter burrows

'invocation' by scott elder

'ruin with a view' by lisa perkins

'don't let it burn/don't let it fade' by clem flowers

'today in the obituaries' by conor henry

'we thought the sea was ours' by anthony o'donovan

'growing' by jim xi johnson

'sunday requiem' by robin mcnamara

'passing molerick bog' by s.c. flynn

'runkerry song' by olivia heggarty

'our knight in lententide' by ed lyons

'who reads obituaries for truth anyway?' by p.w. bridgman

'chocolate and semantics' by jay rafferty

'journey' by rick magee

'(sligo 1997) these ghosts haunt' by carl walsh

'lifebuoy, ardmore' by alan murphy

'dublin winter' by nathanael o'reilly

'carrying home' by anthony wade

'iasc na beathadh' by michelle granville

'i'm holding a blow-up duck' by róisín sheridan-bryson

'waterford fields' by kevin macalan

'another round' by matthew egan

'flowers at the gate' by eoin rogers

'shades of ulysses' by jim ward

'there are not many finer things' by josh fortune

'my relationships with irish men as a half-time score' by fokkina mcdonnell

'in epping' by bern butler

'achaidh chéide' by carmel mcmahon

'kelp' by ciarán parkes

'voices lost in the wind' by kevin mcmanus

'atlantic plastic' by sacha hutchinson

'i look to geese for hope' by christina carty

'slow tango in south belfast' by olivia heggarty

'sanctuary' by nathanael o'reilly

'legless' by mike huett

'imagine' by gráinne daly

'gáe bolga' by rick magee

'florence dropped a new album' by gale aitken

'in '52 nobody died' by terry doyle

'crow, galway bay' by sacha hutchinson

'cill droma' by claire loader

'on looking at photographs of closed-down st. brigid's hospital, ballinalsoe' by bern butler

'a tweed spinner watches the water churn' by oisín breen

'the swimmers' by terry doyle

'it is not silent' by deirdre maher

'my grandfather read clouds' by attracta fahy

'young cormorant on barna rock' by sacha hutchinson

'spaghettification' by jamie anderson

'סקין /scian' by reyzl grace

'back towards home' by s.j. delaney

'still home' by jim xi johnson

'mass: an internal commentary' by jay rafferty

'the lost man' by rory milhench

'the magic road' by isabel miles

'26-year age gap' by maitiú charleton

'you know it when you feel it' by daragh fleming

'mother wakes from her dream of becoming a tree' by monica de bhailís

'a bit out of touch' by úna nolan

'magpie' by sacha hutchinson

'ghost mother' by abby connolly

'turas (a journey)' by bríd mcginley

'méabh + ailill' by christina carty

'six months bought with dirt: the bothy crop of arranmore' by oisín breen

'red listed' by sacha hutchinson

'ember' by tomás clancy

'nothing more local than arnold' by helen jenks

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