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letter from the editors

Dearest friends,

Once again, we arrive at another closing of the year. The last I wrote to you at a year’s end, it was to celebrate the publication of our third issue, ‘Ensemble,’ which I must confess still has a very dear place in my heart. As a collection of work, I hoped ‘Ensemble’ would be an ode to connection –– a celebration of love and adoration, a memorialisation of personhood and identity. It superseded my every wish, and is still, I feel, one of the more tender, emotive, and vulnerable issues we have published. This issue, ‘Epiphany’, has become its sister in my mind, and it is a true honour and pleasure to introduce you all to its beauty.

Whereas ‘Ensemble’ begged the consideration of the love we have for others, ‘Epiphany’ directs its reader to the examination of the self, a feat by no means easy to accomplish. Rather than the transcription of outward expression, ‘Epiphany’ asks its writers to put themselves first, to contemplate one’s own position in the world and the lived experience of such. In this volume, you will find work that is explosive and dynamic, introspective and thoughtful, bitter and angry. And after a difficult year of worry, stress, fear, and anxiety, ‘Epiphany’ asks, ultimately, the most of us all –– to be a bit selfish in the love we have for ourselves. ‘Epiphany’ is, at its heart, a celebration of rebirth, and in these poems that is what I believe we can offer you: comfort, recognition, and hope, if nothing else.

Love, as always,

Helen and Tomás

Editors of The Madrigal

table of contents

'bruges' by medhbh hayden

'demolish summer still' by george reiner

'epiphany' by jeff gallagher

'dear god,' by thomas hobohm

'the cup runneth over' by luke hayden

'one for the road' by bernard pearson

'marigolds' by madeleine french

'incarnation' by robbie gamble

'a poem of leah questioning happiness' by dale booton

'icarus' by john schellhase

'who will I worship?' by dominic j. sweeney

'newton's laws of existentialism' by malo gledhill

'grief carried by a small whale' by louise mather

'a stillness you must have touched' by lawrence moore

''I dreamt tonight that I did feast with Caesar...'' by lois hambleton

'the angel lucifer's diary entry on the day he fell' by basil aurelian

'delight' by meghan kemp-gee

'I remember my childhood as a violent nursery rhyme' by daniel fuller

'lá an dreoilín' by dearbla o'brien

'I want to be a father' by anna waters

'abscission' by nathan erwin

'take heart in the dark' by laura hemmington

'to my son's love: about that broken goblet' by laurie koensgen

'I got my learner's permit last week' by úna nolan

'twenty-eight' by mairéad o'sullivan

'I spent all night finishing a book because I'm trans, and so was the book' by alex shenstone

'prophecy' by sarah marquez

'three fates' by damien donnolly

'tandem' by amy dunmore

'newt' by buffy foster

'forage' by nathan erwin

'clarity in supercuts' by kiera armstrong

'revelations of a courtroom artist' by matt gulley

'vuelta de paso' by john-joe twomey

'the fallen tree' by peter burrows

'szar az élet' by ágnes cserháti

'of shipwrecks at a journey's end' by malo gledhill

'in the morning i remember what you've told me' by helen jenks

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