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letter from the editors

what you are about to examine is a culmination of love and effort on our part and on the behalf of our astonishingly talented contributing poets. to us, 'roots' is an expression of origin, power and reminiscence, and it has been a truly gratifying and humbling experience to delight and revel in your creation, interpretation and presentation of this theme. it has been an absolute pleasure to share and create this with you all. in this, our first contributory edition, we feels as if we have well and truly established a wild and winding network of wit, tenderness, grief, and connection. 'roots' serves as starting point which we hope shall become the foothold and cornerstone of our blossoming endeavour –– The Madrigal, in which you all play a part.  we truly hope you enjoy this and can find something to hang your heart upon in the array of beauty and sincerity which we feel so privileged to share with you.  

table of contents

'i am artifice' by róisín ní neachtain

'seaweed cure' by annette skade

'i want to write about an orange' by taiwo hassan

'gazing waterward' by andre peltier

'closing entry' by madeline trosclair

'what i miss' by ashley sapp

'forty-eight hours' by jacqueline brown

'quietus makes an eerie' by sarah wallis

'the house' by aimee macdonald

'remains' by gopal lahiri

'now and at the holy hour' by noeme grace c tabor-farjani

'staying with people' by bernard pearson

'family resemblance?' by david evans

'transatlantic geometry' by joshua effiong

'on the women of my family tree' by alice watson

'íomhánna an iarthair' by david butler

'the breath not taken' by sarah wallis

'elegy for the living' by luke hayden

'bluebells' by mary senier

'hortensias' by lorelei bacht

'the ceremony of names' by taiwo hassan

'my grandfather's rugged edition of les miserables' by matthew miller

'booterstown saltmarsh' by david butler

'danseuse' by jenny byrne

'the genealogy of a flowering wound' by joshua effiong

'pretty dream' by lawrence moore

'father before he was a father' by tony abbott

'why we didn't go' by amlanjyoti goswami

'blackbirds' by attracta fahy

'men in the woods' by natasha remoundou

'shapeshifter' by ashley sapp

'granny cathleen' by ross walsh

'bystander' by david evans

'walking down the riverbed' by lorelei bacht

'on the face of it' by colin bancroft

'aikman throws deep into coverage' by clem flowers

'snow angels' by andre peltier

'why i am here' by úna nolan

'demeter thrives' by aimee macdonald

'i am always in my head space' by precious uwen

'in memoriam' by albert kirk jr

'grandmother as a tree' by lorelei bacht

'it will all come down' by taiwo hassan

'mantelpiece carriage clocks' by steve denehan

'mirror' by holly zijderveld

'bhajans of my paradabi' by gabrielle mohamed

'sunshower' by b. pick

'rootstock' by shauna smullen

'sottovoce' by catherine gander

'radar' by tomás clancy

'joyeux' by helen jenks

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