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letter from the editors

we have found, dear readers, that in the writing of these letters we like to be pithy, almost nearly as much as we like to be sincere. with hindsight, it seems to be a rather delicate line to tow.  however, this issue –– verity –– is our first issue of the new year, and marks, perhaps, an indelible turning point for us as editors, poets, and friends. there is truly nothing more sincere than to say our endless, endless thanks, and express the continual awe we have for what The Madrigal is growing to be.


there is a lovely moment, we have found, that remains to this day perhaps the most electric, gratifying moment of this whole process, from the first drafts of ideas to the evenings spent reading your wonderful poetry aloud. there is a moment when the title of the issue simply comes to us, as if it has always been there, floating in the back of our minds. verity’s was explosive –– a dynamic, rambling rabble of what it was to be, to love –– a truth so terrible and powerful and venerable there is no other word for it alive. there is a verity in writing, a verity in the vulnerability of expression, and a verity in poetry as the culmination of each. verity, an assertion of self, and the truth which comes with it.


this, therefore, is our verity to you –– our own expression of love in the wonderful, incredible truth of what we are becoming. with each and every issue, more and more of our hearts and souls are poured into this process of creation and curation, assembling together a body of work that is unfathomable in its beauty, tenderness, and excellence. we can’t thank you enough for being part of this journey with us –– now read, enjoy, and delight in all the love there is to give.   

table of contents


'longing' by r.j. breathnach

'like abelard and heloise' by arthur l wood

'the winds of our own desire' by denise o'hagan

'the proposal' by seamus mcdermott

'slant of light' by jane spray

'garden; a ghazal' by khushi jain

'love lives' by anthony wade

'dawn's chorus' by phoebe kalid

'sonnet 8' by will moran

'please calm down' by adrian dallas frandle

'gasp' by martin mccarthy

'beneath the blue aspens' by clem flowers

'letter to her' by alexander etheridge

'there are many ways to love and this is what you mean to me' by elizabeth chadwick pywell

'since we must forget' by jim brosnan

'so much of love is spent waiting' by claire-lise kieffer

'bringing my partner home' by jean tuomey

'a small but valuable abecedarian' by jen feroze

'mountain time' by josh lefkowitz

'love explained, or not' by s.c. flynn

'the days of wine and pretenses' by victoria leigh bennett

'unguarded ghazal' by j-t kelly

'somonka notes' by allegra silberstein

'questions not for estate agents' by claire-lise kieffer

'the moon has set...' by ciarán parkes

'dragon spirit – alby – show me the way to archaic style!' by auriane loreley

'rue de civry' by clint wastling

'domestic tragedy' by jonathan chan

'24/5/21' by al crow

'anewed' by kiersta recktenwald

'so i am little' by hasham khalid

'chimerical' by laurie koensgen

'of course' by kerry trautman

'a bell in the white morning' by kevin mcmanus

'i need to give up' by d.w. evans

'elegy for my lover, gone to work' by rebecca herz

'the graves of tristan and iseult' by helen openshaw

'december' by sharon jones

'i'd really rather you did not' by ada van tine

'so the gods mutter' by emily cotman

'i cover myself in dust to let you free' by hasham khalid

'after two decades, i reread her remaining letters' by kyle potvin

'by the creek' by vanessa trost

'cristina' by henry hudson

'something to do with regret' by peter burrows

'two people i knew' by maitiú charleton

'hometown love' by sophia bautista

'plastic swans' by lawrence moore

'puffin hill' by declan coles

'bloom' by tomás clancy

'kleos, my love' by helen jenks

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